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About Us

While working a construction job in Mississauga, Ontario, I dealt with my fair share of body aches and pains from all the hefty tasks I was required to do. No matter what my responsibilities were for that given day, I would almost always return home with a great deal of pain. After standing for 8-12 hours a day, I would use all these health-recommended gadgets and tools I had purchased to try and help deal with the enormous pain I felt.

While talking with a close peer at work, we both discussed our similar pains and aches but found that we both felt one pain above all else, the pain in our feet. Whether I was relaxing on the couch at home, walking around in the kitchen, or just heading to work, I began to notice an unwanted ache that would stick to my feet like a leech. My colleague and I felt the same way, and both gave recommendations for items to help out in our search for foot comfort.

After spending thousands of dollars and still coming up short, I felt it was time to take matters into my own hands as no one on the market had a beneficial and long-term pain relief product that worked well for my feet. That night, having realized all this, I began researching and brainstorming the best possible ideas to cure these nasty aches.

The next day at work, I was tired and groggy getting to the Jobsite as I had stayed up later than usual doing some due diligence on the idea I had in mind. Once I arrived, the first thing I did was go straight to my friend and tell him about my plans. He seemed very interested in the idea and offered some options of his own, which showed me that we could do something if we put our minds together.

Our primary option was footwear. We had both brought up countless shoe options and found that our most comfy feet-related item was a pair of slides that we wore as soon as we would get home from work. That sparked an idea in both of our minds, creating comfortable sandals perfect for foot pains! For the next week, we would meet up after work and focus on making our plan a reality.
We found a variety of manufacturers and spoke to them about the ideas they may have for our slides. After about two full days of discussing our future product with manufacturing companies, we were ready to sign a deal and partner with our top pick. Soon enough, we could get these slides to everyone in the world looking for that optimal comfort.

From this, Cloud Cushion Slides was born! My peer had brought up that walking on a cloud seemed like the most comfortable opportunity for a human, so we two and our manufacturer came up with our joint name. After some time spent waiting for prototypes, we finally received one. This was a pair of our original Cloud Slides that instantly brought me joy and comfort, and right there I knew, this was the PERFECT start for us.

Since this day in late 2020, we launched Cloud Cushion Slides and have been helping familiar folk every single day. Our slides have helped countless people with unwanted foot-related pains and have become a staple in the E-Commerce market. We have also added a variety of footwear options and spread our catalog open wide for all to enjoy.

What all started as a simple hope for pain relief has now become a world-renowned phenomenon that has cured the lower body pain of thousands upon thousands. Both of us founders no longer work at our company and have devoted our every minute to growing this site. Our vision is to offer the best to our customers in regards to quality and price. Happy clients inspire us to continue our vision of service and help us attain our goals as a brand.

We hope that anyone out there in need of a pain reliever comes to us. Our innovation and creation are sure to help and will indeed bring the purest form of comfort to your feet every single day.

Treat Your Feet Like Royalty, And Get Rid of Your Foot Pain For Good! 

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