What It Feels Like To Walk On A Cloud: A Customer Review – Cloud Cushion Slides

What It Feels Like To Walk On A Cloud: A Customer Review

For the last few weeks, I have been researching looking to find the best comfortable and easy to wear shoes for my Grandma. Lately, she's been struggling with pain on the bottom of her feet. She used to be able to go walking every morning for an hour with her friends but lately due to the discomfort and pain she has been experiencing on the bottom of her feet she has had to cut back on her daily walks. I hated seeing her in pain and upset, unable to find shoes with enough support to simply help her walk around her own home since socks or running shoes do not give her enough pain relief to walk around doing her daily tasks.

Near the end of my research, I came across these cloud cushion slides. They came in multiple sizes, colours were listed at an affordable price and appeared to have lots of support for the soles of your feet. After reading a few of the reviews listed on the page, I decided to go for it and purchase a cute pink pair for my Grandma since pink is her favourite colour. Once they arrived, I could not wait to give them to my Grandma so she could test them out and see if these slides were truly the perfect match for what she needed.

My Grandma loves the cloud cushion slides, and so do I because they helped her get back on her feet! These slides provided tones of comfort and support. That allowed my Grandma to walk around the house again and outside without worrying about unbearable pain. She wears them all day every day, and now owns four different pairs of Cloud Cushion Slides. I even ended up ordering myself an orange pair! I love wearing them out by the pool to relieve my feet of pain caused by cement mixing with the hot sun.

Overall I am so happy to see my Grandma up and moving around again, thankful that I made the right choice by purchasing the Cloud Cushion slides. These slides are perfect for all ages and genders, and I would recommend the Cloud Cushion Slides to anyone seeking a pair of comfortable, affordable and stylish slides!

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