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The Best Places To Wear Your Cloud Slides

As comfortable as our slippers are, there are still places where you probably shouldn’t wear them. For example, a fancy date to a 5 star restaurant. While it may be tempting to wear such comfy slippers, there are more socially appropriate settings to have them on and today; we’ll be going through a list of perfect places to wear these slides! 

So get ready to explore some potentially new places with your comfy slides! Who knows, maybe you’ll even be surprised by some of our suggestions!

At home

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Now to start off this list, let's begin with the obvious. Your home is a perfect place to wear these slides because there’s really no one there to judge you! Aside from perhaps the grumpy cat who seems to disprove of just about everything unless, of course, it’s a cardboard box barely able to fit them. 

At home you’re meant to be comfortable, if you wish to dress up for yourself that’s fine too; but all in all it’s your own choice. What better place is there to wear your Cloud Slides if not at home? Additionally, the Cloud Slides are perfect to slip into after a long day spent on your feet, making them sore and achy. With their thick soft cushion soles, you can easily sink into them and let the therapeutic cushion massage and relax your feet with every step!

Safe to say, we highly recommend wearing these Cloud Slides at home!

In the bathroom or public showers

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Next up is probably another obvious place. Our slides are both waterproof and have gripping soles, making them as safe as any other shoe to wear over slippery tiles. Of course you should still be careful, we’re not claiming these slides are as gripping as suction cups; but they do still provide enough grip that you won’t feel as though you're walking on banana peels!

Now, why you might want to wear slippers in your own bathroom may depend on if you have messy housemates or just not enough time to clean the place! We aren’t judging here. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear slippers even in a clean bathroom; if anything, it’ll help maintain the cleanliness of the room as long as you aren’t wearing those same slippers to hop around in mud puddles.

Wearing them in public bathrooms/ showers however, is just a good plan overall. You don’t know who else has been in those showers of what has been on those floors. You should hope that the building does practice regular maintenance and upholds a certain standard for cleanliness; but it’s still better to be safe than sorry. You can even wear them while taking a shower if you’re paranoid; just wipe or air dry them afterwards and they’ll be good as new! 

So for bathrooms and public showers, we still highly recommend wearing a pair of cloud slides when you can!

At the Beach

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Now this may seem like a strange place to some, but these cloud slides are actually fairly ideal beach footwear! Like we said before, they are waterproof so you won’t have to worry about stepping into the water while wearing them; or having completely dry feet before you put them back on!

Not only are they waterproof, but they’re easy to wear with no small crannies for sand to get stuck in. Even if your feet get all mucky with sand or dirt, you can easily wash them off later without worrying about tracking a whole sandbox back home with you. The soles of these slides are also quite thick, meaning your feet will have that extra cushion of protection from any buried sharp objects!

Of course, at the beach no one would really pay too much attention to your footwear either. It’s not really a contest for who wears the most beautiful shoes as they’ll just end up a sandy mess anyways. So why not wear something comfy and practical for your next trip to the beach?

With all that in mind, we give the beach another glowing recommendation!

In the cottage

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If you’ve got a cottage trip coming up, you better get ready to pack these slides with you! The cottage, much like your home, is a perfect place to wear these slides! The whole point of taking a trip up to a cottage is to relax probably with friends or family members. So why not slip on a pair of our comfy slides to enjoy the vacation?

If you’re inviting people who will judge you for wearing those comfy slides, then will your trip really be all that relaxing? Besides, if they’re really so judgmental, why not get them a pair to wear too and see how long they last before caving into the comfort! 

The cottage is a definite must when it comes to wearing these slides!

On a cruise or long road trip

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Now we’re really getting into the abstract ideas! You might think us ludicrous for even suggesting these, but honestly, they make sense. On a cruise, your goal is to enjoy your vacation and to get the most enjoyment out of it, you’ll probably want to visit as many attractions as the boat has to offer. Depending on the size of the cruise ship, this could mean a lot of walking, and the deck can sometimes get a bit wet from the weather. 

These slides are both comfy and not so out of place or ugly that people will do a double take should they catch you walking around in them. And with how comfy the slides are to wear, you’ll be able to maximize the amount of time you spend up and about, enjoying everything you can while you’re at it!

On a long road trip, unless you’re the driver, wearing a pair of these slides would definitely improve the experience! The slides are both breathable and practical, meaning you won’t get those uncomfortable stuffy experiences that usually come from having your foot trapped in a hot shoe for too long. You can always bring a spare pair of nice shoes along too and simply switch over to the comfy slides while on the road.

Again, another recommended place or setting to wear our slides!

We may have only covered these 5 places in our list, but there are still plenty more places where our Cloud Slides are a perfect fit! So why not try a pair today and see where else suits these slides!

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