5 Reasons Why Cloud Cushion Slides Are Perfect For Singles Day!

5 Reasons Why Cloud Cushion Slides Are Perfect For Singles Day!

Wow, it's hard to believe November 2021 is already upon us. For many, November means grabbing your favorite Pumpkin Spiced Latte, grabbing a nice jacket, and sitting outside basking in the gorgeous orange glow of the fall weather. At Cloud Cushion Slides, November is arguably the most important month of our year. Single's Day is around the corner! All E-Commerce Store owners and goers are aware of the extensive sales coming along on the 11th of this month, and yes, we are prepared. Single's Day is a business tradition that's been around for years and something that we are SO excited to participate in this year. If you are as amped as us, get prepped for these five juicy reasons why your Single's Day NEEDS these Cloud Cushion Slides on its agenda. If you want to win 11/11, you've come to the right place. Clear some space in your schedule, this is a must-read to succeed this Single's Day! 


1. Comfort Aspects

To start this fun-filled list, you have to hear about how much comfort is packed into each pair of the Cloud Slides. Every slide is composed of 4.5 centimeters of thick EVA Compression Material that is endlessly comfortable! With every step you take in these, feel as your foot sinks into a pillow-like realm of comfort that will instantly push these slides to the top of your footwear wardrobe. If you've ever experienced the nasty feelings of foot pain, these slides are exactly what your life needs and will instantly make your Single's Day 2021 a major success! 


2. Following the TikTok Trend

If you are someone who finds themselves scrolling through the depths of TikTok regularly, I'm almost 100% sure you've come across videos of influencers promoting the fantastic benefits of the Cloud Cushion Slides. These guys are all over TikTok and have created a massive wave of trends that has reached people of all ages globally. Sometimes, TikTok trends aren't always the best purchase, but these sliders are on a whole new level of amazing! This is one of those historic trends you won't want to miss out on. These slides are popular and are here to stay! 


3. Health Benefits + Ergonomics

The instant style booster isn't the only fantastic thing about these slides. They come packed with loads of health benefits and ergonomic features that instantly relieve any foot pain you may be experiencing. These slides are equipped with a subtle 15-Degree angle from the toe to heel that evenly distributes the built-up pressure from your feet joints. Having this allows for pressure to disperse throughout your lower body to keep you standing and comfortable for longer! The EVA Material also features anti-slip and anti-chafe capabilities to ensure maximum comfort with every wear. 


4. Upgrading Your Style

I couldn't make this list without highlighting the unique style and fashion these sliders bring to life. Whether you're headed out to the mall, a walk with your dog, or even just hanging around the house, these slippers are guaranteed to keep you stylish 24/7. The modern and trendy vibes these slides bring are unmatched by any competitor on the market and will have plenty of people walking up to you and asking where they can get their hands on a pair! Safe to say, Single's Day is going to have these guys going crazy all over the world. 


5. Unbeatable Pricing + Variability

So, after hearing all about how great these slides are, you must be wondering how much they are? Well, you're going to need to hold your horses because this price is RIDICULOUS. These guys come in at Drumroll... $19.99! All this excellence packed into one $20 purchase, that just seems unbeatable to me. Additionally, these slides come in six fantastic color options from you to choose from. Sizes range from 5.5 to 12, so almost everyone out there has the opportunity to get a pair of these spectacular sliders for themselves! 

Wow! So after all this, I think you can understand why I was so excited to bring these to you for Single's Day this year. Without a doubt in my mind, these slides are going to be a huge hit and will 100% give you stellar comfort that will stand the test of time. Spend your 2021 Single's Day getting items you can benefit from. There's no question that these are at the top of my wish list on 11/11, and hopefully yours too! 

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